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I had the time of my life fighting dragons with yo

[About Bethany of Dancing with the Stars dancing to Shake It Off]

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2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival

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Taylor wedding dress shopping

Taylor: This is great, does it come in a crop top?


I’m on Twitter, following one of my fave Taylor twitter accounts, tweeting congratulatory tweets about “Shake It Off” being certified on Vevo. Later that night, a notification tells me that I was followed by Taylor Nation and that they’ve sent me a message. After talking to me and verifying that I…

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Taylor Swift has been in the music industry for 8 years and her biggest scandal was dating your favorite band member. If that’s the worst thing she’s done, I think she’s doing pretty good.

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I promise to be myself, some things will never change - Taylor Swift

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Hey guys, there’s this Tumblr user, wildestdreams-89 (and her instagram wildestdreams1989) and she’s a fan of Taylor that has Terminal Heart Failure and as you can see on her Instagram and Tumblr, she’s been posting from the hospital and…

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Lol Taylor knows then!

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Secret messages will rip my soul apart I’ll feel like voldermort after that shit